Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Day at the Park

I mentioned in my previous post that we met up with some ladies from a photography group that I participate in. I just wanted to share some photos that I took while we were there of their cute little ones :)










Naomi had her first trip to Virginia today. We went to a really cool park in McLean (Clemyjontri Park).  We met up with some ladies from a photography group that I participate it.  Even though it was really hot we all still had a lot of fun.

Hanging out while we waited for everyone to arrive.

7/17/2010 10:52 AM

Playing in the maze.

7/17/2010 11:17 AM 

Daddy climbing through the train :)

7/17/2010 11:32 AM

Friday, July 16, 2010


So I wasn't kidding when I said the highchair is Naomi's new hangout. For dinner alone she ate a big jar of squash, diced apples, and a meatball! While eating she also got confused and used her hair as a napkin :) After dinner we did the usual with barricading the living room for her to play. Well this time she figured a way to get past our contraptions. Before we knew it she was at the computer desk trying to open the drawer!

Eating her apples.

7/16/2010 6:20 PM

Being silly as usual :)

7/16/2010 6:21 PM

7/16/2010 6:23 PM

7/16/2010 6:24 PM

The great escape!

7/16/2010 7:36 PM

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Nothing too special about today.  Naomi slept through the night again and keeps eating like a horse!

The highchair seems to be Naomi's new hangout.

Waiting for her food.

7/15/2010 5:25 PM

All finished!

7/15/2010 5:59 PM

Ready to get out and play. And mad because I kept pulling her thumb out of her mouth (I know, I'm such a mean mommy...haha!). This is such a fake cry too so you can't help but laugh when she does it.

7/15/2010 6:00 PM

Look at those teeth ready to come in up top :)

7/15/2010 6:01 PM

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My mom had a follow up appointment with her doctor in Bethesda for her surgery today. Afterwards my parents stopped by to hang out before heading back to PA. We went to our favorite little pizza place and then headed over to see the progress on our house. So far so good!

Here is Naomi with some major bed head this morning!

7/14/2010 7:04 AM

Then we ate at the pizza place :)

7/14/2010 6:01 PM

7/14/2010 6:02 PM

Hey Daddy look... that's our new house!

7/14/2010 7:11 PM

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Naomi slept through the night last night!!!!  I just had to start off with that.  The massive amounts of food she ate yesterday probably helped.  She has been such a little piggy.  I think she has hollow legs because I don't know where she is putting all of this food.  I'm crossing my fingers that she will do it again tonight :)

Here are some shots while Naomi was playing in her crib.  She loves when I let her play in there with all of her toys.  Her thinking that it is a trampoline might have something to do with it ... haha.

7/13/2010 7:08 PM

Day 13 B&W

Monday, July 12, 2010


Today we had a big thunderstorm which was much needed.  Other than that nothing too special about today...... well Eric did get his new iPhone :)  So Naomi and I met him at the mall and we grabbed something to eat.  Once we got home Naomi was ready to play!

Down pour!

7/12/2010 4:09 PM

7/12/2010 4:10 PM

I have a lot for today!  And even one taken by Eric :)

7/12/2010 7:51 PM

I had to share those chunky legs!!

7/12/2010 7:52 PM

7/12/2010 7:53 PM

Getting into Daddy's stuff.... she knows exactly which buttons to push!

7/12/2010 7:54 PM

hmmm... I think she is still a little too young to start watching Family Guy.

7/12/2010 7:57 PM

Mixing her soup.

7/12/2010 7:59 PM

Compliments of Eric :)

7/12/2010 8:05 PM

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Today we made it back to the track to run after all of this hot weather. Other than that it was another lazy day. We just hung around and Naomi played with all of her toys.  But I think Naomi is going through another growth spurt.  All this kid has been doing is eating!  But then again that's nothing new in this family :)

Here are a few shots of Naomi hanging out on the track.

7/11/2010 10:32 AM

7/11/2010 10:32 AM 2

Check out that puff snack stuck to her pants....haha!

7/11/2010 10:33 AM