Thursday, February 10, 2011


Naomi has become obsessed with the broom! She screams when we take it away from her and put it back in the closet. But since she is getting so big, opening the closet door is a piece of cake since she can reach.

So here is Naomi doing her nightly chores ;)

Project 365-283.jpg

Project 365-288.jpg

Project 365-292.jpg

Project 365-282.jpg

Project 365-294.jpg


  1. LOVE those pjs!! so cute!! my kids aways loved the broom as well, so nice to have helpers every now and then!

  2. SO CUTE! those pj's are adorable. my son LOVES to sweep too.

  3. Thanks ladies!! I think we might need to get Naomi her own cleaning supplies :)

  4. That is so cute! My kid is obsessed with the Swiffer (bonus tip - you can actually take out segments from the handle to make it child-sized). It has even had to come on car rides and we've had to convince him that he can't take a bath with it.