Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I know I have been MIA! Life has been crazy but it is finally starting to calm down, especially now that the holidays are over. I am extremely behind on posting for my 365 project and I have also missed a lot of days. Because I have fell so behind I felt like I had to catch up before I update the blog with current stuff. Well I'm over that and I am going to start back with updating my blog as much as possible :) I will eventually catch up on all of my past posts.

Naomi is growing and learning so much! Someone needs to tell her it is ok to stay our baby for a little while longer. Tonight she decided that she wanted to watch Toy Story 3. So she opens the cabinet on the TV stand where the movies are stored and pulls it out. She then walks it over to Eric. And then just sat there until he put it on. It was getting close to her bedtime, so instead we let her watch some of it on Eric's phone.

Project 365-238.jpg

Project 365-239.jpg


  1. Look at all that hair! It looks so thick!

  2. She does have a lot of hair :) She has actually had her hair cut 5 times (I trim it myself). I keep trimming it and I think that has help it grow in so nice. And she won't keep anything in her hair so I have to keep her bangs short enough to keep out of her eyes.